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Greetings Friends and Neighbors,


Bobic Computers was started by me in 1991 while I was a junior in High School. It was an exciting time as computers were connecting to networks and the internet was being made available to the public. We have grown, expanded and found many life long friends in our quest to be of service to our friends and neighbors.


I never forgot all those who cared and mentored me in those years. As I have grown and now instruct college students in Business and Computers, I continue our firm belief that we should balance our experiences staff and provide mentorships and training in business management, computer repairs and software design and programming to as many people as we can. It is our way to be a contributing member of society.


We further refurbish and provide computers for any student who needs one, at no cost, based upon availability. Please allow us to be of any assistance for anyone, you or a friend, who is trying to better themselves. We are a for-profit company who believes in helping our friends and neighbor when we are able to do so.




Bob Akbar